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Written by Patrick Hailton
Directed by Heidi Neill

Doors Open 7:00PM
Curtain 7:30PM

Rope is a murder mystery that asks us not ‘whodunnit’ – as the murderers are clearly identified in the beginning of the show- but rather, can they get away with it. Two brilliant young philosophy students strangle to death their former Harvard classmate in their Manhattan penthouse apartment. They commit the crime as an intellectual exercise: they want to prove their superiority by committing the “perfect murder.” They place the body in a wooden chest, and to add spice to their handiwork, invite a few acquaintances, including a parent of the deceased, to a party. They use the chest, and its gruesome contents, as the supper table. Tensions mount as the night goes on. Will they prove their ‘intellectual superiority’ and get away with the crime or will they be found out?

This classic suspense thriller was adapted to the big screen by Hitchcock but our own Heidi Neill (director of Linkville favorites like Harvey and Mash)’s modern adaptation is sure to leave you biting your nails and wanting to discuss the ins and outs over your own (hopefully dead-bod-less) dinner.


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