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Written by Annie Weisman
Directed by Laura Allen

Doors Open 7:00PM
Curtain 7:30PM

Set in early 2001, this “Me Too” play asks questions about power: Who really holds it? How much of it is illusion? What happens when there is an imbalance of power? What are its ultimate costs?

Two generations of women, career secretaries and entry-level assistants gather in the break room for a “Heart Talk” – an emotional tribunal designed to record and report evidence of sexual harassment. Agatha is leading the charge to bring the badly behaving bosses to justice and institute a purely professional environment. One of their accused bosses gets fired and the women get a little drunk on their new-found power and start looking for other targets. When the new boss arrives, everyone is surprised to find it is a woman, younger than all of them. Modern, self – sufficient and independent, she is able to do her job without secretaries. She institutes an efficiency contest to decide which of the four will stay on as her assistant. So when Agatha gets the change she was after, will it turn out to be better or worse? Note: were this play a movie, it would be rated R for very strong language and descriptions of sexual acts.

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